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Accountants New Ross Wexford - McGrath and Company Accountants - Auditors Accountants and Tax Consultants

Inspired By Excellence & Reliability

We offer a wide range of confidential, professional and personal financial services.


We provide accessible, down to earth advice, as well as traditional and pro-active services to help you predict, prepare and sustain your growth. We always ensure that we are accessible to our clients, which means that we will always meet them at the earliest opportunity, in many cases on the same day and we will return phone calls as soon as possible.

We have well established relationships with our clients and have worked with many of them for more than 30 years. We have been fortunate over the years to have grown our business largely on referrals from our existing client base which includes many Irish companies and individuals, who are based nationwide, all the way from Cork to Donegal, and from Dublin to Mayo. We also have many clients who are non-resident. Distance is not an issue for us.

Accountants New Ross Wexford - McGrath and Company Accountants - Auditors Accountants Tax Consultants


Our client base includes industries, such as:

  • Property Management Companies
  • Landlords & Tenants

  • Farmers

  • Construction/Property Developers

  • Health services

  • Transport

  • Computer Consultants

  • Motor Dealerships

  • Crèches, Educational Professional

  • Restaurants & Coffee Shops

  • Public Houses

  • Hair and Beauty

  • Property Investors

It is our aim to continue our expansion, to meet challenges as they arise and to assist our clients in every possible way.


Allow McGrath & Company Accountants to prepare your financial statements at the end of the business year on your behalf. This enables completion of your tax returns to the Revenue Commissioners and if you operate through a limited company this service will provide the basis of abridged accounts for the Companies Registration Office. It will also provide your bank or financial institution with official information on your business operation for the previous year and provide you with a record of how your business has performed over the last 12 months so you can make informed decisions about future growth and strategic direction.

There are many steps involved in starting a new business and McGrath & Company Accountants can help guide you along the path to success.

  • Business tax registration
  • Establishing accountancy systems and structures
  • Advising on Limited Company versus Sole Trader status
  • Computerisation
  • Business planning, including profit maximisation and tax burden reduction
  • Book-keeping, including PAYE and VAT management
  • Set up procedures and controls for managing your business going forward.

Talk to our team today about how we can help you to get started.

We provide a very professional and cost-effective company formation service, linked to one of Ireland’s leading company formations specialists. We also provide a full post-incorporation company secretarial service providing advice on all aspects of your company’s filing requirements. Should the need arise; we can liaise with the Companies Registration Office, or the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement, on your behalf. We can advise on the various legal requirements and responsibilities of becoming a Company Director or Secretary in Ireland as well as advice on the annual filing requirements of companies.

In recent years, online and cloud accounting services have given businesses even more control over their financial affairs and are powerful business and forecasting application tools. At McGrath & Company Accountants we can advise you on packages along with training to suit your business needs all while meeting statutory obligations.

McGrath & Company Accountants provide companies with a flexible, professional and complete payroll service, keeping you up to date with any new or existing changes to legislation.

McGrath and Company have the experience to provide clients with specialised advice to help structure the transfer of assets as efficiently as possible.

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